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About Bing Z

Bing Z combines traditional raw kombucha with delectable organic fruit juices to create a truly unique offering – healthy kombucha with a bold fruit-forward flavor.

Several kombucha offerings have a limited consumer base due to their unusual flavor combinations. We saw the need and heard the requests for a more drinkable kombucha with a smooth flavor.

Bing Z is handcrafted with delicious and organic fruit juices to balance the tanginess of traditional kombucha while still providing a healthy beverage that will appeal to a wider audience.

Consumers who may be averse to traditional kombuchas will appreciate our completely new interpretations of this healthy probiotic beverage.




Organic kombucha (spring water, organic black tea, organic sugar), organic juice concentrate, organic flavors, organic juice (for color).






What is Kombucha?

Kombucha dates back over 2,000 years to ancient China when it was called the “Tea of Immortality” because it was known to dramatically improve many health issues. Now kombucha is consumed all over the world and is exploding in popularity in the US as a tasty alternative that can be enjoyed anytime.



How It’s Made

Bing Z starts out simply as brewed black tea sweetened with organic cane sugar.

Our high quality kombucha culture (beneficial bacteria and yeast) is added and allowed to naturally ferment for approximately 14 days. During this process, most of the sugar and tea are converted to probiotics, antioxidants, natural enzymes, B-Vitamins and Vitamin C.

The result is a tangy beverage with a pleasing effervescence that is low in sugar and caffeine.




We blend smooth and well-balanced kombucha tea base with luscious, organic fruit juice and flavors. Our product is crafted in small batches in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado by experienced, skilled kombucha brew masters. It’s a time-consuming process and can’t be rushed.

We hope you will appreciate our completely new interpretation of this healthy and probiotic-rich beverage.